Boats Beaches and Boutiques

Boats Beaches and Boutiques

This tour is truly unique! This tour takes in both the modern and historic elements of the port and Le Fevre Peninsula. A packed 1/2 day tour of maritime history and working port, with trip to the beach, a private marina, the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, and a boutique shopping experience. 

This tour includes exploring Port Adelaide and the Le Fevre Peninsula Dolphin Sancturary, private marina viewing, conservation walk boutique shopping, plus entry to the museum of your choice (SA Maritime Museum, Aviation Museum or Railway Museum), pick-up, 1/2 a day (4 hours), full commentary, at a leisurely pace, walking and via bus.  Start 9am or 1pm.

How to get there

Expect this experience to be diverse, engaging and great fun.  We take some time to meander along the white sandy coast line where you can dip your toe in the water, and take the coast walk to discover the beginning of the Dolphin Sanctuary. Experience a unique boutique shopping trip, combining new and recycled clothing, home wares and restaurant quality food to take home. Complete the tour with an informative visit to the Maritime Museum. All this only 20 min's from the CBD. 

Port River and Private Marina

The tour starts at the mouth of the Port River and the Dolphin Sanctuary, where we take a stroll up to the water's edge and from the viewing platform begin our Dolphin spotting experience. Take time to watch sailing vessels and working container ships make their way down the river. Ever seen a Dolphin Walk - wonder who taught them? 

Remember what you were doing on the day Australia won the Americas Cup? We will show you how the yacht designer has made an impact -  We will take you to a private marina for a yacht viewing; see a range of vessels ready for sailing in the gulf and Port river.


You will be able to get a great view of the coast as we head to Largs Pier Hotel and Semaphore. We take a stroll along the beautiful beach, where you can kick up the white sands and walk to the nearby jetty taking time to discover what nature has thrown our way on the sandy shore.

These beautiful expanse of sandy beaches are home to a variety of fish spieces, dolphins, and birdlife.  Along the shore you can find evidence of Dolphins, fish species and view the recreational uses of the beaches in the region.

Largs Pier Hotel

The Hotel is a beautiful example of early 1900 colonial architecture, boasting after construction having running salt water in the bathrooms!  Time to chill and enjoy a sample of local beers and/or complimentary tea and coffee and muffin.

This great historic pub was home to some famous people  - Stand in the front bar and think of Jimmy Barnes with Cold Chisel, AC/DC, The Little River Band and The Angels who all played here during the early days of their careers.  Or contemplate the people who haunt the building and what lead to their demise!


Where did you get it? Get ready to endlessly answer that question when you return home with a unique bargain of the century - last century that is. Take a stroll down Jetty Road and Semaphore Road to investigate clothing from a bygone era. 

Experience a unique boutique shopping trip, combining new and recycled clothing, homewares and restaurant quality food meals to take home. 


Welcome to sunny Semaphore, and iconic seaside destination for South Australians for over 100 years. The Art Deco designed Palais is now a hotel, alongside the largest operating carousel in Australia.  Modern Semaphore has so much to offer and you will be sure to pick up something special from a number of quiky gift stores.

Learn about the history of the street including the old police station, customs house and historic hotels. The jetty here dates from 1860 and was integral to the economic life of the peninsula.  

SA Maritime Museum

We make our way to Port Adelaide the home of large sailing vessels and a take a peek at those old vessels docked alongside McLaren Warf. To complete the tour we make our way to the South Australian Maritime Museum.  Take a peek at the latest arrival direct from Scotland is The City of Adelaide.  The ship is the only example left of an international sailing ship serving colonial South Australia in the world! 

If you dont like boats, try the Railway Museum or the Aviation Museum as an alternative!  They are both only minutes away.  

Customised Secret Tours

We specialise in creating tours that take in what the locals enjoy, freedom and indulgence.  We are happy to customise a tour just for you!  Want more Dolphins?  Want more Adventure?  Want more boats, trains and planes?

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Local Secret Tour Adult  $120 Child $60

Boats, Beaches and Boutiques Adult $120 Child $60

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Expect this experience to be diverse, engaging and great fun. Find Dolphins, rare birds and plants along the Port river discover local history and stories of murder and mayhem. Find out about dark secrets, mysteries and characters of Largs, Semaphore and Port Adelaide.

Your Secret Tour guide is local woman Pippa Webb.