Local Secret Tours

Local Secret Tours

Local Secrets is a 1/2 day tour of the delights locked away in Port Adelaide and the beautiful Le Fevre Peninsula. Soak up the local atmosphere, history and adventure, and take time to explore the Dolphin Sanctuary.  

 This tour includes exploring Port Adelaide and the Le Fevre Peninsula, Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, ships graveyards, conservation and heritage walks, plus taste plates,  pick-up, 1/2 a day (4 hours), full commentary, at a leisurely pace, walking and via bus. Start 9am or 1pm This tour starts at and finishes at Outer Harbor train station, just 20 Min's from the CBD of Adelaide. 

How to get there

Be amazed at the local secrets uncovered on this tour.  

Feel a sense of freedom in the local environment as we take you to the Dolphin Sanctuary, Mutton Cove Conservation Park - have space and time to soak up the maritime industrial and settlement histories of Largs, Semaphore and Port Adelaide.  Experience the delights of the Dolphin Sanctuary and escape in an immersion of local stories and indulge in South Australian tastes.  

We conclude the tour with a taste plates at the historic British Hotel. Parking is available at the train station and near the passenger terminal. All this only 20 min's from the CBD.

Mutton Cove Conservation Reserve

Adjacent the Port River, we start our tour at little known Snapper Point, to admire the southernmost mangroves of Mutton Cove Conservation Reserve, and the upper reaches of the only urban dolphin sanctuary in the world. Ever seen a Dolphin Walk - wonder who taught them? 

Take the short walking tour of the Port River Mutton Cove Conservation Reserve, learn about the rich history of the Port ships graveyard, and experience the natural mangrove beauty. The conservation reserve has unique views of the Adelaide hills, old quarantine station and many rare bird species. 

ASC and Port River

Psst. Don't tell anyone, especially not our enemies! Come with us and we'll show you how to take a peek at the home of Australia's maritime defence industry.

 In 1837 the port was known as "Port Misery". Today the working port is a busy home to a major defence facility. You will be amazed to see the inner workings of the Australian Submarine Corporation, one of Australias most important defence facilities. See if you can catch a glimpse of the Hobart air warfare destroyer being constructed.

Largs Pier Hotel

Explore the historic jetty and the hotel which is a beautiful example of early 1900 colonial architecture, boasting after construction that bathrooms had fresh running salt water! Here we take a break to chill and enjoy a sample of local beers and/or complimentary tea and coffee and muffin.

Stand in the front bar and think of Cold Chisel, AC/DC.   The Little River Band and The Angels all played here during the early days of their careers. Take time to contemplate other gohstly occupants of the Hotel. 

Semaphore Road

Welcome to sunny Semaphore, an iconic seaside destination for South Australian for over 100 years. The Art Deco designed Palais is now a hotel, alongside the largest operating carousel in Australia. 

Learn about the history of the street including the old police station, customs house and historic hotels. The jetty here dates from 1860 and was integral to economic life.

Cruickshank Corner

Take time to soak up the atmosphere on the edge of the Port river, watch for dolphins who frequent this part of the river. Experience the stories of the river, including the famous Derek Diver whose name is enshrined on the new bridge. 

The history of maritime servcies is embedded within the Port psyche. From here you can view the Colac Hotel, with ties to the Maritime Union movement and the Australian Labor Party.  

Port Walk

Explore the early maritime history of the Port, taking a walk down "Bank Street", see the old warehouses, and a meander around the best contiguous collection of colonial buildings in South Australia. 

View the city, hills and the port river at the top of the light house, walk along the river front for some dolphin spotting

Harts Mill

Adelaide Milling Company mill site at Port Adelaide was the longest continuously serving flour milling enterprise in South Australia, operating from 1855 to 1980. 

The remains of at least 40 abandoned vessels lie embedded in silt and partially hidden by mangroves in the backwaters of the Port Adelaide River some are visible from the Harts Mill site.

The British Hotel

The coldest beer, in the oldest pub with the longest licence, now that special! Experience the British Hotel Cellars for a drink in the longest continually licensed Hotel in South Australia. Here we conclude the tour with a selection of boutique wines from Adelaide and surrounds and a local South Australian taste plate

This is a chance to relax and take in the Port River atmosphere, including the local resident gohsts!

Customised Secret Tours

We specialise in creating tours that take in what the locals enjoy, freedom and indulgence.  We are happy to customise a tour just for you!  Want more Dolphins?  Want more Adventure?  Want more boats, trains and planes?

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Secret Tour Prices

Local Secret Tour Adult  $120 Child $60

Boats, Beaches and Boutiques Adult $120 Child $60

Group Booking discounts available

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Expect this experience to be diverse, engaging and great fun. Find Dolphins, rare birds and plants along the Port river discover local history and stories of murder and mayhem. Find out about dark secrets, mysteries and characters of Largs, Semaphore and Port Adelaide.

Your Secret Tour guide is local woman Pippa Webb.