Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Customer Service Guarantee

We love our tours, and we want you to love the experience as well. If you like us do it on facebook! If you don't ........on the day - please let us know and we will see what we can do to fix the problem. We will endeavour to fix it right then and there if we can. Before the day - if you have a question please phone us and we will talk to you about what we can do. We will get back to you within 48 hours - so make sure you call us 48hrs before your tour!

After - write to us or give us a call and give us the opportunity to fix what went wrong for you before you head to Trip Advisor! We will get back to you within 48 hours. If we think you are being a little unreasonable we will let you know - if we think we can improve we will!If you are having a bad day we will endeavour to turn it into a good one!Things we cannot change - the weather, an annoying co-tourer , the Taste plate, the bumpy paths and walkways

Booking Terms

If you cannot make it - Cancellation of bookings 7 days or more prior to commencement of hire will incur a 50% administration fee. Cancellations within 7 days of commencement of hire will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

If you cannot make because you were ill

If you are really not well and you can provide us with a medical certificate we will refund your tour. Don't forget Travel insurance is always a good idea.

If stuff happens and we cannot make the tour

The universe is a big place and sometimes "stuff" happens, beyond our control - if we cancel your we will refund 100% of what you have paid for the tour, and we will be very sorry! mostly we hope we can give you notice that means we can help you can make other arrangements. Sorry we won't be able to pay for other travel arrangements affected due to our cancellations or rescheduling of any tour departure

Conditions of Use

Please ensure that you bring a couple of personal items for your own comfort and to make the experience enjoyable!

  1. Fitness - you will be doing some walking, it's not hard, but if you cannot walk or stay on your feet for a few hours before rest this one may not be for you.
  2. Comfortable shoes - you will be doing some walking not heaps but you will be on your feet most of the tour.
  3. Sun Screen - even in winter we can have day's where you might get sunburned
  4. Hat - it's Australia a Hat is a must, if you forget yours we have a selection for purchase on the day
  5. Camera - there are some great shots and you wouldn't want to miss them, especially if we see Dolphins!
  6. Water - please bring your own water, just in case!
  7. Bring a back pack or carry bag for your stuff - please don't bring a suit case we may not have room
  8. Have fun! - Secret Tours is a fun, interesting and special tour, please enjoy yourself - that's an order!
  9. We don't say "No" very often but we do when it comes to smoking.

Other stuff you should know

  1. Alcohol can be purchased at the following locations Large Pier Hotel and the British Hotel. The Sample Plate includes a wine tasting, however all other drinks with Lunch and Dinner will need to be purchased, and are not included. If you are booking the Party Tour talk to us so we can make sure it's legal!
  2. Changes to the Tour - we may need to make changes to the tours if there us something unforseen which happens - we will tell you as soon as we know, and we will find an alternative and equal quality for us to experience
  3. If everyone agrees and there is something special you would like to do let us know and we will see if we can go take a look!
  4. Medical conditions - if you are feeling unwell or have a medical condition which may require medication can you let me know before we start. Please bring your medication with you.
  5. Drinks and drugs - if you have too many of them in your system I might not be able to have you tour with us, and I decide not you sorry - it's a safety thing!
  6. Photo's - we may like to take your photos and use if on our web site, post to facebook and for promotions. Please let us know if you don't like that idea.
  7. Time - be on time and we will all have a great day!
  8. Kids - if they are easily scared and under 14 we would prefer you didn't bring them. If you do decide to have kids on the Ghost Tour they will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Secret Tour Bookings & Enquiries

Expect this experience to be diverse, engaging and great fun. Find Dolphins, rare birds and plants along the Port river discover local history and stories of murder and mayhem. Find out about dark secrets, mysteries and characters of Largs, Semaphore and Port Adelaide.

Your Secret Tour guide is local woman Pippa Webb.